Two Factors to Consider When Purchasing Appliances for Your New Bathroom

If you have fitted a new bathroom recently and now need to buy bathroom appliances, you should keep the following factors in mind when making these purchases.

The amount of space available in your bathroom for specific appliances

It's important to take the size of your bathroom into consideration when choosing specific appliances; if you do not, the things you buy may either end up looking disproportionately small or far too large for the room. For example, if you have had a compact shower cubicle installed, which is just barely large enough to fit one adult, then it might be better to choose a shower with a small integrated mixer tap (i.e., a shower that is connected to your property's gas heating system), rather than choosing an electric shower.

The reason for this is as follows: an electric shower's bulky base unit will protrude out from the wall and thus take up a lot of space. Given how small the cubicle itself is, this could make it harder for you and other members of your household to avoid bumping into it when washing yourselves. Similarly, if you need to buy a heated towel rail for your small-sized bathroom, it might be best to choose a rail which features straight bars, instead of one with bars which curve outwards, as the latter will take up more space.

Conversely, if your bathroom is large, then it might be better to choose larger bathroom appliances, which will not look out of proportion in this spacious room.

Your bathroom's decorative theme

When shopping for bathroom appliances, it's also worth taking the bathroom's decorative theme into consideration. If you don't intend to change the current flooring materials, tiles and wall colours for the foreseeable future, then it might be a good idea to choose appliances that match your current decorative theme. For example, if your bathroom features wallpaper with gold flecks in it and metallic-gold wall tiles, you could opt for a gold-coloured heated rail and shower head.

However, if your existing decor in the bathroom is quite 'on trend' and you suspect that it may begin to look dated (and thus may need to be changed) in a few years' time, then it may be best to choose neutral-coloured bathroom appliances that will blend in nicely with other decorative themes.

Doing this will save you the cost of having to replace these appliances prematurely.