Cleaning and Shining Your Stainless Steel Smeg Stove: Four Essential Items You Need

A Smeg stainless steel stove or other type of appliance is a great asset to any kitchen. However, its iconic stylish look loses its appeal if the stainless steel is dirty, streaked or full of fingerprints. Luckily, it's pretty easy to keep your stainless steel stove from a company like Birite Wangaratta clean -- you just need these four essential items and products: 1. Soft Bristle Brush If you have stuck on bits of food, crumbs or sauce splattered around the burners of your stove, you need to remove this debris before you introduce water or cleaning products.

What You Can Do to Increase the Productivity of Your Ice Machine

Establishments such as restaurants rely on their ice machines to give them a sufficient supply of ice to meet a variety of needs like supply ice for patrons' drinks. However, some ice machines perform at a much lower level than expected due to a variety of factors such as supplying the ice machine with water that is warm. This article discusses what you can do to increase the production of your ice machine.